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Tinkrbot Neo 3+


build size 300mmx300mmx300mm, 350x350x350mm, 400x400x400mm
Architecture Engineered with CoreXY Architecture
precision and stability Higher precise movements with Hiwin Linear guide rails
High Spec Electronics Advanced higher spec Electronics for faster processing and printing
Flexible Magnetic Build Platform* Flexible Magnetic Build Platform with Double sided Textured PEI Spring Steel Sheet
hot end and heat bed All metal hot end up to 300C. Faster Head bed up to 110 C
user interface Full touch 2.4” / 3.5” LCD for easier navigation and control
bed leveling Auto bed Leveling with 16 point calibration
Filament Run out Sensor Pause the prints when filament is finished
Body Enclosure Robust and Sturdy Full body Metal Enclosure (With Top Acrylics Enclosure)
print fail safe Print resume after the power failure makes your print continue even after the power outage

Special Feature

  • Fully assembled, Calibrated and tested 3D Printers.
  • Advanced motion control through Core XY design with Hiwin Linear Guide Rails for better printing
  • Robust and Sturdy Aluminum and Sheet metal body design
  • Safe to use as it is completely Enclosed from all sides.
  • Advanced High quality Electronics for better processing and printing
  • Illuminated with LED to have better look
  • Full touch 2.4” / 3.5” LCD for better navigation and control*
  • All metal hot end up to 245 C / 300 C*
  • Fast heating bed up to 110 C
  • Powerful Titan extruder for better extrusions
  • HEPA Filter with Activated Carbon Charcoal**
  • Auto bed Leveling to reduce the difficulty in Manual bed leveling
  • Flexible Magnetic Build Platform with Double sided Textured PEI Spring Steel Sheet
  • Advance cooling fan for PLA
  • Larger build volume up to 500x500x500mm (20x20x20”)
  • Free tool kit upto 14 tools.
  • Dual nozzle upgradation
  • One year warranty and offsite Technical assistance.
  • *Upon request only
  • **Upgradable
  • #On Electrical and Electronics only
  • ##During Transport any misalignment may happen in the bed. During Installation, Testing has to be done again.
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